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Review Samsung A71

After an unsuccessful year end key of the Galaxy A51, at the beginning of this year, Samsung Galaxy A71 launched with completely new innovations that made users unable to criticize. It still retains the features of the A51 such as the screen design and macro camera but it has taken the performance to a new level, upgraded the main camera, increased battery capacity and fast charging capabilities.
In general, the Galaxy A71 has made changes to ensure a much better upgrade status than the Galaxy A51, but its price is also a bit “stiffer”. For comparison, even though the price is a bit higher, the experience is much better. Here are a detailed review of this new Samsung handset. Let’s exploce Review Samsung A71 below.

Review Samsung A71


Design style

The first time you see this phone, you will immediately have an impression that the screen is very wide and the body is very thin. This is a Galaxy phone with Samsung’s largest screen right now, up to 6.7 inches. Although the body (7.7 mm) is only a little thinner than its predecessor, the Galaxy A51, the rounded design gives it a trendy slim feel.
In terms of structural components, the Samsung Galaxy A71 is no different from its predecessor. It’s still a Super AMOLED panel with a plastic body and lid. The front is still Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and prominent glossy plastic back cover.

Review Samsung A71

Size, grip feeling

The Samsung Galaxy A71 is 163.6 x 76 x 7.7 mm larger and slightly thinner than its predecessor A51. It’s a bit heavier at 179 grams, but that’s normal because its battery is also upgraded. It’s a joy to hold, handle and use on a daily basis as it provides just enough grip to ensure it’s secure in the hand. While the slim profile makes it easy to handle with one hand and store more easily in the bag.
Unfortunately, Samsung has yet to integrate water resistance for this mid-range handset. But that’s understandable because for its price you can’t ask for too much.


The front of the A71 is generally flat, but the 2.5D slightly curved contours give you the feeling that it is not too sharp to hold. At the same time, the edge swipe is also much more comfortable, especially when you are playing games. The 6.7-inch AMOLED display is large enough with slightly more rounded corners than its predecessor with 1080p resolution. A small hole in the screen contains the selfie camera that divides the screen proportionally without losing aesthetics. The light sensor is located behind the screen and the A71’s speaker is “hidden” in the slot between the screen and the body making it invisible but its performance is still great.
The Samsung Galaxy A71 doesn’t have a notification LED, but it does support an always-on display. Helping you save battery power significantly when you do not need to wake up the screen can still see the information you choose to display in sleep mode. Security with the optical fingerprint sensor under the screen has been slightly changed making the scanning speed and fingerprint recognition faster than its predecessors. The A71’s fingerprint recognition isn’t the fastest in its class, but it’s much faster.

Review Samsung A71


The back of most phone models today is no longer a bit of color with high-end materials. The back cover of the Samsung Galaxy A71 is still made of polycarbonate but it looks glossy like glass. If you use it and don’t say it, then surely many people mistaken it for glasses. Moreover, the striking color patterns change according to the light, increasing the aesthetics of the phone.
The camera cluster is still a “weird” word from Samsung with 4 cameras arranged in an L-shape. But maybe that is a breakthrough and a difference created so that it is not like its competitors. The main camera is up to 64MP but still encapsulated in this camera cluster and it does not look much larger than its predecessors. If you use a case, it should be channelless when you put it on the table. Even if you do not use a case, the camera glass is still safe with an aluminum bezel that prevents scratches when you place the camera on a hard background.

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Edge is left

Galaxy A71 is still a thin but solid plastic frame with polished edges similar to the back cover. On the left side you will find a 3-card tray for 2 nanosim and 1 memory card. The right side is the power key and the volume key. The bottom edge is a USB type C charging slot with external speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack on either side. This is once of Review Samsung A71.



The first highlight for the screen of the Galaxy A series in 2020 is the hole punch screen for the selfie camera. For the A71, this hole is not as small as the Galaxy Note 10 Lite, but it’s also pretty and not inferior. The screen has a resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 pixels, giving a 20: 9 aspect ratio and a density of 393ppi. In addition, it is protected by Corning Gorilla glass 3 allowing you to use more peace of mind. One minus point with the Samsung Galaxy A71’s display is that it doesn’t support HDR. So you can’t enjoy movies with HDR content on your favorite movie channels like HBO or Netflix.
However, the screen of the A71 shows quite well in bright outdoor. When left in the highest manual brightness mode, the measured brightness is 410nits, while the automatic maximum brightness can be increased to 515 nits. That minimum measurable brightness is 1.7 nits, which is an excellent result.

Review Samsung A71