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Top Resorts in Vietnam

top 10 best luxury resorts in vietnam

With warm, friendly citizens, delicious and inexpensive food, a wide range of beachfront accommodation, good weather; a rich culture, and over 2,000 miles of coastline, Vietnam is rapidly becoming one of the world’s best beach destinations. Visitors have many different resorts to choose from on their holidays, everything from 5-star, …

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The Most Beautiful Flowers in Vietnam

The Peach Blossom Valley

Flowers in Vietnam typically grow quite well thanks to country’s tropical climate. In general, they are vibrant, fragrant and visually stunning, and come in a diversity of shapes, sizes and colors. From spring to winter, there are various kinds of flowers blooming throughout Vietnam, which creates irresistibly beautiful sceneries and …

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Seasons in Vietnam

dien bien viet nam

Territory of Vietnam is stretched and has great variety of relief. These features formed climatic diversity within borders of the country. Southern part of Vietnam lies in the zone of tropical monsoon climate where seasons are differs only by amount of precipitation and directions of winds. There two seasons. One …

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The Best National Parks in Vietnam


From the lofty mountains of the north all the way to the white sand isles of the south, national parks dot the landscape of Vietnam. Limestone peaks fall over meandering rivers and snaking caverns twist into dense jungle canopy. This is nature at its best in Southeast Asia. Let’s exploce …

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The Scenic Mountain Passes in Vietnam

road of happiness

Vietnam is a country covered in rolling hills, cloud-cresting peaks, and majestic Karst limestone mountains. During a motorcycle adventure, you’re going to cross at least one of these incredible mountain passes. Hai Van Pass is one of the more popular tourist attractions with its close proximity to two major cities. …

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The Famous Mountains In Vietnam

ma pi leng hagiang

Whenever thinking of the first trip to Vietnam, the most popular places often come up in travelers’ minds are: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Danang, Hoian, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc and Saigon. However, this beautiful country is not just all about bustling cities, Buddhist pagodas or untouched beaches, it’s also famous …

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