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The Best Waterfalls in Vietnam

Vietnam is not only famous for its charming coastal line but also the home of numerous stunning and beautiful waterfalls. From north to south, wherever you go, there is always at least one place to see. It is hard to deny a visit to see waterfalls with their pristine natural beauty. If you’ve never come to see one of these waterfalls before, you will regret. If you have limited time, then a wide selection of waterfalls may puzzle you.
From the waterfalls of Ban Gioc to those of Pongour, Vietnam is home to a stunning and incredible selection of falls. Some are perfect for dipping, while others make for lovely picnic spots, some are even ideal of those who are seeking tranquillity. However, all of them are worth visiting. Let’s exploce The Best Waterfalls in Vietnam below.

The Best Waterfalls in Vietnam

Pongour Waterfall

The setting can enhance the overall impression of a waterfall, and Pongour is a good example. The multi layered falls allow visitors to get under and behind them, perfect for cooling down in the heat. While not as well known to tourists as the Elephant Waterfall, Pongour has the edge when it comes to ambience and untamed beauty.

The Best Waterfalls in Vietnam

Mu Waterfall

Located approximately 130 kilometres (81 miles) from Hanoi, Mu Waterfall makes a pleasant city break. Set among wild ruins and fig scented woodlands, it’s an ideal spot for dipping in the water.

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Ban Gioc Waterfall, Cao Bang

Ban Gioc is one of Vietnam’s best known beautiful waterfalls. Situated in the northeast area of Vietnam, the waterfall is fed by Quay Son River and has a collection of stunning cascades. These splendid falls mark the border between Vietnam and China. Therefore, they have two sides: one in Vietnam, called Ban Gioc and the other in China, called Detian. Ban Gioc is the largest waterfall in Vietnam with 30m height and 300m width. Walking along a gravel path that threads through rice fields and passing the wooden bridges above gurgling creeks, a stunning sight of cascades appears in front of you.
Visitors may be impressed by three magnificent levels divided by rocks and trees, the natural scene of sharp and tooth like limestone mountains, and clean and transparent jade blue water under majestic white falls. Another hypnotic sight in Ban Gioc waterfall is the obscurity of drifting clouds vapored from water spray of the cascades. To reach the base of the falls for better view, visitors have to pay 50,000 vnd ($2) for bamboo rafts punting them there.

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Tac Tinh Waterfall, Lai Chau

Located in Tam Duong – Lai Chau, Tac Tinh appears as a tranquil place to relax. Also known as Love waterfall, Tac Tinh is regarded as one of the most attractive spots in the northwest of Vietnam. The waterfall resides amid the huge majestic mountains in a small green valley where Dao ethnic lives. When being here, the pristine and pure beauty of Tac Tinh waterfall makes visitors feel like being lost in a bygone era. Originated from Hoang Lien Son range, Tac Tinh waterfall is 130m high, pours down straight and creates a 100-square meter lake at the foot. The water at the lake continues to spill out and forms a small stream with clear water flowing into the valley. It is the main source of water for agricultural production and life of the locals there.
Visitors should climb up to have the best view of the waterfall. On sunny days, visitors may have a chance to see a beautiful rainbow above the lake. The cliffs here are very smooth due to the water flow after years. Much more than that, the glamor of Tac Tinh waterfall lies in a love story behind it. That was a story about a couple who used to spend their happy time at the foot of the waterfall. Lo Lan is a girl whose beauty is likened to a beautiful orchid flower. She fell in love with a guy in her Dao village but their love is forbidden and encountered many difficulties and obstacles. Eventually, to protect their love and loyal vows between two people, she and her boyfriend jumped down the waterfall to commit a suicide. In memory of the couple, locals here named the place Love Waterfall with the best wishes for them.

The Best Waterfalls in Vietnam

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