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The Peach Blossom Valley

The Most Beautiful Flowers in Vietnam

Flowers in Vietnam typically grow quite well thanks to country’s tropical climate. In general, they are vibrant, fragrant and visually stunning, and come in a diversity of shapes, sizes and colors. From spring to winter, there are various kinds of flowers blooming throughout Vietnam, which creates irresistibly beautiful sceneries and sometimes is the main reason for tourists to visit one destination.
If you are a flower blossom lover, don’t miss the chance to plan a journey around Vietnam at any time of the year to discover the most vibrant flowers in this tropical country. Let’s exploce The Most Beautiful Flowers in Vietnam below.

The Most Beautiful Flowers in Vietnam

Peach Flower

Peach flower comes firstly to Vietnamese’s mind when thinking about spring and Lunar New Year in northern Vietnam. This flower owes its popularity due to the beauty of slender but vivid petals as well as its important meaning in the cultural life of many Vietnamese generations. Pink or dark pink color of petals presents for the prosperity and good fortune.
It’s very important for the Vietnamese to have their peach flower blossoms glowing during the first three days of Lunar New Year. Because they believe that vividly peach flowers in their houses will bring happiness, peace, good health and wealth for the whole family in the upcoming year. Legend said that the peach blossom and its vibrant colors can repel the evil spirits and symbolize longevity.

The Most Beautiful Flowers in Vietnam

Yellow Apricot Flower

If peach flower is the typical symbol of northern regions on the occasion of Lunar New Year, spring in southern part of Vietnam can’t be completed without yellow apricot flowers. The flower itself has several interesting meanings to discover. Firstly, the bright yellow color represents prosperity and good luck. Each flower has five petals symbolizing five blessings: peace, pleasure, longevity, convenience, and happiness. If the yellow apricot flower blooms with more petals, more good things will come in the New Year.
Therefore, yellow apricot flowers are an indispensable part in every family in Tet Holiday as the hope of starting the new year with much blessing and convenience. The most well known place to enjoy Tet atmosphere and beautiful yellow apricot flowers in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is Binh Hung Port. It is the main hub where local farmers carrying their flowers from Mekong Delta to distribute to wholesales and retailers in big cities.

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Lotus Flower

Lotus is grown everywhere along the S-shaped strip land of Vietnam. The pinky lotus flowers are brightly grown up from the mud and grime surface to show off its beautiful color and charming shape. This exquisite flower symbolizes the purity; serenity, commitment and optimism of the future. In addition, these blossoms have long been linked to Buddhism in terms of nobility and pure thoughts. With above meanings, lotus was voted as the Vietnam’s national flower, representing courageous but friendly and open-hearted Vietnamese people.
Tourists can be immersed themselves into the pure beauty of lotus if visiting Tam Coc – Bich Dong in Ninh Binh or any village in northern Vietnam in June. Mekong Delta, especially Dong Thap has other lotus blossom season because lotus here is well nurtured by the rich sediments from the delta. Coming to Dong Thap from August to November, tourists can take boat trip along lotus fields, collect lotus flowers and seeds then help locals prepare delicious lotus-related delicacies that only can be found in Dong Thap.


Blackboard Flower

Blackboard flowers are not only loved because of its pure color, they are also famous for the unforgettable aroma. Ha Noi is a city of romance, every season Ha Noi has a different type of flower. However, blackboard flower (hoa sữa) is one special flower typical of Ha Noi’s autumn that is mentioned in many poetry and literature works as possessing a smell of love and reminiscence.
Therefore, the best time to visit Ha Noi is in September or October, when the tiny blooms of the blackboard trees are starting to appear in every corner of Hanoi’s streets. This is once of The Most Beautiful Flowers in Vietnam.

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Flamboyant Flower

Flamboyant is the reminder of summer in Vietnam because it starts blooming in May or early June. The blooming time of this flower coincidence with the end of one school year. That’s the reason why it’s called as “the school age flower” and connects to the school memories of many student generations. Hai Phong City is considered as “City of Red Flamboyant” because there are thousands of flamboyant trees are planted along two sides of many main streets in the city. When the flowers are blooming, the city becomes brighten and vivid by the flaming red color of flamboyant.
The city held Flamboyant Flower Festival annually with many interesting activities to introduce the city’s abundant and beautiful typical flower blossoms, promote and boost the city’s tourism. Cat Ba Island in Hai Phong is also a great place to enjoy the beauty of flamboyant flower under summer sunlight.

The Most Beautiful Flowers in Vietnam

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